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Sydney 2005: HDT / Stem Cell Support in MM: Update of the Spanish Studies (PETHEMA/GEM)
By Joan Blade, MD
Dr. Blade presented an update on the PETHEMA/GEM trial (the Spanish study), which compared the efficacy of HDT followed by SCT intensification to the continuation of conventional chemotherapy for those patients responding to chemotherapy. This study was conducted from May 1994 to October 1999 with 216 patients entered. Of the 164 patients randomized, 83 continued to chemotherapy and 81 continued to HDT. After a median follow up of 66 months, the CR rate was significantly higher in the HDT arm; PFS was 9 months longer in the HDT arm, but not statistically significant. OS was not impacted. Dr. Blade also presented the study design from the current PETHEMA/GEM 2000 trial. Several abstracts with preliminary results from this trial are to be presented during the poster sessions at this meeting.

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