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Sydney 2005: Intensive v Double Intensive Tx in Untreated MM: Update of HOVON 24 MM
By Pieter Sonneveld, MD
Plenary Session 8 provided an opportunity to hear the latest results in ongoing global studies. Due to previous findings, it has been established that high-dose therapy (HDT) followed by autologous blood stem cell transplant (SCT) resulted in superior response rates as well as longer event-free survival (EFS) and overall survival (OS). Because patients eventually relapse, global studies are conducting studies to improve clinical outcome. Dr. Pieter Sonneveld presented the updated analysis from the HOVON 24 trial (the Netherlands study), which began in 1995. This trial’s objective is to demonstrate superior long-term clinical outcome of double versus single high-dose therapy. He reported on the updated analysis, second intensification followed by myeloablative treatment followed by autologous transplant in newly diagnosed patients. Results at 60 months show a significant benefit in complete response (CR), EFS, progression-free survival (PFS), and time to disease progression (TTP), but not OS. Further analysis is to be conducted.

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