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Sydney 2005:
Translocation (4:14), Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 (FGFR3) and MM
By Keith Stewart, MD
Dr. Stewart presented information about specific mutations present in the cells of patients with myeloma that correlate with the progression of the disease. Specifically, some genes correlate with poor response to chemotherapy and with poor prognosis. He suggested that immunohistochemistry testing is an easy and inexpensive way to identify specific genes that may identify those patients with a poor prognosis. In terms of how MM patients respond to chemotherapy, there are 2 possibilities: that they do not respond to chemotherapy or that they quickly develop resistance to therapy. Analysis of data from patients indicates that patients did respond to therapy but that high risk patients show rapid progression of disease. Information derived from the analysis of overexpressed genes that correlate with disease has provided targets for new therapies that are entering clinical trials.

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