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Sydney 2005:
New Antiangiogenic Agents
By Guido Tricot, MD

Dr. Tricot continued the presentations by reviewing recent studies on new antiangiogenic agents. In a dose escalation trial, one third of patients achieved a partial remission and approximately one third of patients had a 5-year event-free survival (EFS) with few having evidence of disease at more than 6 years. A trial with Revlimid in patients, most of who had relapsed after autotransplantation, showed an EFS of 43% and an overall survival of 66%. The most common toxicity observed was thrombocytopenia. Another trial is looking at the combination therapy revlimid, thalidomide (dose escalated), and dexamethasone. In this trial, 60% of patients had greater than a 50% response. No correlation between thalidomide dose and event free survival was seen. Commonly observed toxicities were mainly hematological events. These studies suggest that combination therapy may provide the best response.

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