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Sydney 2005:
The Funcation and Movement of CD45 Molecule in IL6-induced MM Cell Expression
By Kawano, Michio

Dr. Kawano discussed the function and movement of CD45 molecule in interleukin-6-induced myeloma cell proliferation. Myeloma cells vary in morphology and genetic composition. Normal myeloma cells have a variety of CD45 molecules on their surfaces. The stage of development of the plasma cell (immature, mature) and the presence or absence of CD45 on the cell surface determines whether the cell can respond to stimulants, such as interleukin-6 (IL-6). IL-6 is a growth promoting factor which causes CD45+ immature myeloma cells to proliferate in the bone marrow. The amount of IL-6 is limited so that CD45+ cells are converted to CD45- cells which are then more stable to environmental stress. Kawano and colleagues suggest that therapeutic strategies should focus on CD45.

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