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Sydney 2005:
Cell. Model for MM Cell Growth & Differentiation Based on Intra-clonal CD45 Microenv
By Regis Bataille, MD
Dr. Bataille and colleagues suggest that an understanding of the different classes of plasma cells identified by the protein CD45 may lead to a better understanding of the development and progression of MM. Abnormally growing plasma cells are maintained by a very small fraction of plasma cells and these cells have a specific CD45 molecule on their surface. Identifying which CD45 molecule is on the surface of the plasma cells may help to distinguish different types of MM. For example, some CD45 molecules are associated with more proliferation of plasma cells, some are increased when MM progresses, and some are associated with poor prognosis. An understanding the correlations between the types of CD45 present on plasma cells and MM may assist with the development of therapies.

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