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Sydney 2005:
Smoldering MM: Criteria for Diagnosis & Results of Long-Term Follow-Up
By Robert Kyle, MD

Dr. Kyle presented an update on smoldering MM (SMM). Dr. Kyle characterized SMM with a serum M-protein level of 3 g/dL or higher, or 10% or more plasma cells in the bone marrow. He stated that the definition of SMM is not standardized and it is not known whether both M-protein and bone marrow plasma cells are necessary for diagnosis. Dr. Kyle provided an update from his study at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota, United States). In this study, patients were categorized in three groups of SMM; patients had a median age of 65 years. At the 15-year follow up, 53% of patients had progressed to MM, 2% of the patients had progressed to primary amylodosis (AL). Dr. Kyle concluded that most patients with SMM have a much greater risk of progressing to symptomatic MM or AL.

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