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Sydney 2005:
Pathogenesis of Myeloma: Ig Translocations, Cyclin D Dysregulation, Other Events
By Michael Kuehl, MD
Dr. Kuehl discussed the integration of genetics in a comprehensive pathogenesis model for MM. He stated that MGUS and MM may be considered as a cluster of different diseases that have distinct characteristics through progression of the diseases. MM can be organized into 7 groups based on expression of at least 1 cyclin D gene. The 7 groups are quite distinct with variable degrees of bone disease, frequency of relapse, and progression of tumors. Kuehl and colleagues suggest that dysregulation of the cyclin D gene may be an early or initiating event in the development of MGUS and MM. The investigators suggest that characterizing tumor cells may assist with the selection of therapies most likely to be effective against a specific tumor cell for patients.

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