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Sydney 2005:Pathogenic Events Identified by Chromo. Translocations & Cyclin D Exp. Determine Myeloma
By P. Lief Bergsagel, MD
Mayo Clinic
Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Bergsagel and colleagues suggested that early pathogenic events determine MM biology and clinical course. Specific IgH gene translocations, while infrequent at diagnosis, increase in frequency with relapse and correlate with poor prognosis. By analyzing 6 specific genes, clinical features of individual’s disease, prognosis, and response to therapy can be identified. Patients with a 4p16 immunoglobulin translocation have a poor survival regardless of the treatment regimen they receive and so new treatment options need to be developed. Bergsagel and associates are evaluating novel agents that would specifically influence pathways affected 4p16 translocation.

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