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Sydney 2005:
Cell Cycle Control of Multiple Myeloma Pathogenesis
By Selina Chen-Kiang, MD
Dr. Chen-Kiang discussed cell cycle control in MM. She identified MM as a disease of cell cycle dysregulation and loss of apoptotic control. Positive cell cycle regulators [cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK)] and negative cell cycle regulators (CDK inhibitors) control cell cycle progression and myeloma pathogenesis. Chen-Kiang and colleagues proposed that an imbalance in positive and negative cell cycle regulators occurs as an early event in MM pathogenesis. They developed functional cell assays to examine cell cycle regulation and identified specific cyclins, CDKs, and CDKIs that are associated with tumor stages. Specifically, cyclin D is correlated with a more favorable clinical course of MM. The use of the functional cell assay along with other prognostic indicators may improve the ability to characterize the likelihood of disease progression and the aggressiveness of the disease. Use of the assay may also assist with the development of therapies targeted at cell cycle regulation.

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