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Katie's Birthday
The Touching Story of a Little Girl's Love
By Julie Smith
Julie Smith, Frankie Reinhardt (Nana), and Katie

On January 8, 2005 Katie W-Smith had a fundraising bash in honor of her "Nana" and Katie's 11th birthday. This party took place at Katie's house and was a surprise to her Nana. Over 30 ten and eleven year olds attended and raised over $1400.00 for the International Myeloma Foundation. Katie gave one ticket per child for every ten dollars they donated. Their ticket went in for door prize drawings at the end of the night. Door prizes included a CD signed by a local country singer, Cledus T. Judd, two baseballs signed by Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, Beef O'Brady's, handheld video games and a deck of Uno cards. The children had pizza and danced to music provided by a disc jockey. Even "Nana" participated in the hokey pokey.

Forget Where's Waldo?!
Where's Nana in this picture of partygoers?

Some of the money came from parents and grandparents but many of the children gave of their own money. One child gave checks from his mom and his grandmother. He then pulled his own wallet out and gave a twenty dollar bill with the response "now that's from me." One child told the story of how his grandmother had died of this cancer and he hoped that others would not. This fundraiser was very dear to these children. They took great pride in knowing that they were helping others.

Two weeks after this event, Katie's Nana passed away from a bacterial infection. Many of these same children came to the funeral. I believe they didn't attend the funeral with feelings of hopelessness but with feelings of hope and joy. They have hope for a cure and joy for being apart of such a memorable event.

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