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Myeloma Minute - February 1, 2005




    • VELCADE® trials
    • THALOMID® trials
    • TRISENOX™ trials
    • REVLIMID™ trials
    • DOXIL trials

    • Phase II study of Biaxin, Revlimid™, and Dexamethasone in patients with newly-diagnosed multiple myeloma.
      The so-called BIRD protocol clinical trial, which assesses the efficacy of Biaxin, Revlimid™, and Dexamethasone in newly diagnosed patients, has opened at New York Presyterian/Cornell-Weill Medical Center in New York City under the direction of Dr. Ruben Niesvizky.  This study takes the BLTD protocol (Biaxin, Low-dose Thalidomide, and Dexamethasone) and replaces the thalidomide with Revlimid (also known as CC-5013 or lenalidomide).  Patients who qualify to enroll in the trial must have had either no prior therapy or less than one full cycle of prior myeloma therapy.  The study coordinator can be contacted at 212-746-5970, or call the IMF hotline for further information.

    • Phase II randomized chemoprevention study of celecoxib (Celebrex) in patients with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance or smoldering myeloma
      Arkansas Cancer Research Center at UAMS
      Little Rock, AR
      Paulette Mehta, MD 501-257-4542

      Mayo Clinic
      Rochester, MN
      John Lust, MD, PhD 507-284-2511

      Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center
      Mohamad Hussein, MD 216-445-6830

      There are two clinical trials specifically for maintenance therapy post autologous stem cell transplant.  They are 1) a multi-center trial in Canada headed by Dr. Keith Stewart at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto using thalidomide and prednisone, and 2) a UCLA trial headed by Dr. Gary Schiller with Velcade.  Call the IMF hotline for further details.

    • Callisto Adds Roswell Park and St. Vincent Hospital to its Clinical Trial Sites for Atiprimod


For more information, the Myeloma Matrix has a current list of all myeloma trials from pre-clinical to recently FDA approved. If you would like to browse trials currently open for enrollment, visit the Clinical Trials page of the IMF web site. Among the links, you will find EmergingMed, with whom the IMF has entered into a partnership to assist you in matching trials to your particular patient profile (i.e., stage of disease, previous treatment, how well you are able to carry out the activities of daily living, etc.) and by doing so, increase your chances of being eligible. You can also learn more about clinical trials by reviewing materials from the National Cancer Institute.




After considering the public comments and any additional evidence they will make a final determination and issue a final decision memorandum.


  • Ever think of walking or running a marathon? 
    Join the IMF Team Milers Against Myeloma and help raise awareness and dollars for cancer research at the Rock-n-Roll Marathon on June 5, 2005 in San Diego, California. If interested in joining Team Milers Against Myeloma, email Candace McDonald, Associate Director of Development at cmcdonald@myeloma.org.

  • Volume II of Cooking with the IMF
    The collection of recipes for Volume II of our very popular healthy food cookbook is being led by Marilyn Alexander, a myeloma survivor from Philadelphia. Please help us with this important project by submitting your favorite recipes.


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