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Comprehensive Guide to Salamanca: Understanding the IX Myeloma Workshop - May 23-27, 2003

The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is proud to present The Comprehensive Guide to Salamanca: Understanding the IX Myeloma Workshop in PDF format for you to read on line or download and print.

The International Myeloma Workshop is a bi-annual medical meeting dedicated exclusively to multiple myeloma. Experts come together and exchange information regarding the latest developments in the treatment, management, and prevention of myeloma.

The IMF recognizes that, while the meeting is intended primarily for clinicians and researchers, this information is of great interest to everyone within the myeloma community. As always, we are working hard to ensure that you, our valued members, are kept abreast of any and all new information. The IMF has recruited a cadre of top researchers/advisors/clinicians to analyze the impact of the Salamanca presentations.

The Comprehensive Guide to Salamanca provides concise summaries from various presentations made at the IXth International Myeloma Workshop. For the readers’ convenience, the material has been organized to cover the basic scientific material, followed by first conventional, and then more experimental approaches to treatment.

The Comprehensive Guide to Salamanca has been made possible, in large part, thanks to the time and the talent of myeloma experts who each agreed to author a summary paper detailing the workshop session in which they were involved. While each paper has been edited for clarity and consistency, we have strived to maintain the individual “voice” and writing style of each author. As a result The Comprehensive Guide to Salamanca is meant to be read as a collection of individual summary papers.

We encourage you to share The Comprehensive Guide to Salamanca with your treating physician so that you may both benefit from the many exciting developments that emerged from the latest International Myeloma Workshop.

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