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The IMF Presents the 2nd Annual Myeloma Awareness Week

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The International Myeloma Foundation (www.myeloma.org) presents the

2nd Annual Myeloma Awareness Week – August 10th-17th, 2003. Across the country supporters of the IMF are planning events from golf tournaments to walk-a-thons to raise funds for this worthy organization.

The IMF has also established MAIL FOR THE CURE, a brand new fundraising campaign to benefit the myeloma community. Nationwide myeloma patients and their families will be mailing letters to their friends and relatives asking for their support of myeloma research and other important IMF programs which benefit the myeloma community. A specially coded IMF donation envelope is included with each letter. These envelopes will allow the organization to track how much was raised as a result of this targeted effort. The Grand Total of all monies received will be computed and announced at the end of Myeloma Awareness Week.

Founded in 1990, the International Myeloma (IMF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for myeloma patients while working towards prevention and a cure. The IMF provides a variety of services for patients and physicians to aid in the research, diagnosis and treatment of multiple myeloma – a cancer of the bone marrow caused by an uncontrolled growth of plasma cells – as well as patient support groups, medical education programs and seminars.

The IMF was founded by Brian and Susie Novis and Brian Durie, M.D., following the late Brian Novis’ diagnosis with this little-known disease. The IMF was established to serve as an education and support resource for myeloma patients, their families, friends and medical partners.


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