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IMF Welcomes Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium to Team
The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) welcomes the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium into the team of institutions, entities and organizations worldwide dedicated to finding a cure for multiple myeloma. The Consortium's coordination of clinical trials and pooling of findings among the four participating institutions is complementary to several established research projects, including the IMF's innovative research initiative, Bank on a Cure®.

Bank On A Cure, initiated 2 years ago, is the first comprehensive myeloma-specific, cancer patient DNA bank in history. More than 20 of the top myeloma institutions around the world that participate in the IMF's International Myeloma Working Group are involved in this project. Several thousand DNA samples have already been processed and results from DNA analysis have already been presented at scientific meetings. Clinical data have already been analyzed to establish a new myeloma staging system. The next step is to correlate DNA patterns with clinical trial outcomes, as well as other aspects of myeloma.

Bank On A Cure is a public, collaborative research project. Bank On A Cure will collect and analyze the DNA of myeloma patients to better understand the genetic factors related to susceptibility to myeloma, response to existing treatments, and the development of new therapies for this disease. To this end, Bank On A Cure will eventually lead to genetically-directed clinical trials targeted to patients with a specific genetic makeup. Patients who wish to participate may request a DNA sample kit by visiting the IMF's web site at www.myeloma.org.

The IMF salutes the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium and all of the dedicated researchers around the world who work tirelessly to find a cure for this disease.

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