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Congressional Conferees Move Closer to Medicare Agreement
By Greg Brozeit

The conferees to the Medicare reform bill have agreed in principle to the most contentious issues before them.

Details which include provisions vital to the cancer community will not be made public until a final bill is prepared to be voted on by the House and Senate.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson issued a press release on Saturday, November 15 commending the conferees for their work. Thompson’s statement expressed optimism that legislation would be concluded within days.

Thompson encouraged Congress to “come together and take advantage of this opportunity to finally deliver modern medicine in a modern way for Medicare beneficiaries. That includes access to preventive care, new protection against high out-of-pocket costs for extended hospital stays, and a prescription drug benefit.”

Once the conference report is issued, it will be evident if this statement takes into account the vital needs of the cancer community.

The Myeloma Minute will outline the findings in the next issue.

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