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The Unknown Patient was pleased to find long-time, fellow patient Rich Dennison at the poster session. Clearly, Rich knows where to look for some of the best infomration at these workshops! His Unknown frient was glad to see him in the pink after his mini-allo transplant, completed last year at the Fred Hutchinson Cancaer Research Center in Seattle.l At medical conferences, time is always at a premium. So, many papers with very important information never make it to the "big room" for oral presentation. The organizers select these for poster presentations, which are displayed in an open area at specific times where the authors make themselves available to discuss their work. During a break, the Unknown Patient was discussing the workshop with one of the scientists. This fellow said that he felt that the greatest value of the workshop came from the networking opportunities. He felt is was most valuable to learn what other people were working on and to use the opportunity to both make suggestions and form collaborative relationships that can speed up the overall pace of research. In this respect, the posters could be even more important than the presentations that happen in the "big room" because they allow for more personal interaction. Shown below are some pictures taken by the Unknown Patient at one of the poster sessions.

Please note that the Unknown Patient is a patient, not a doctor and not a scientist. This summary represents a layman's view of what was said at the conference and should form a basis for raising awareness of issues that could be discussed with a qualified professional. In no way should anything contained in this report be taken as medical advice or form the basis for action without first consulting a qualified medical professional who is familiar with your specific medical situation.