We are international

It's customary at these workshops to have one evening where everyone is invited to a gala dinner where they can socialize and let off a little steam. It also gives guests who've accompanied participants a chance to meet their spouse or significant other's colleagues. In Salamanca, our hosts arranged for a "Spanish Fiesta" at the Hotel Doña Brígida.

While it was Unknown to your ambitious author where he was going to get the energy to party after the long, hard day we had on Sunday, somehow, he managed to keep his upper eyelids from touching his lower eyelids. And, it was a good thing he was able to avoid nodding off. It turned out to be a great opportunity to see some old friends and to get a taste of Spanish culture and cuisine that somehow just doesn't come across in a convention center.  

The festivities began with an amazing performance by expert horsemen (and women!) who showed your Uknown friend that horses could do a lot more than we ever saw them do in westerns and at race tracks!

Next up: Dinner for over 1000 guests. While the Unknown Patient had pretty low expectations for food served on such a mass scale, the waiters amazed us with their rapid, lightning-fast service.  They even had time for friendly chat with the folks at the Unknown Patient's table. The Unknown Patient sat with Chuck and Sharon Newman, who got a surprise visit from Sharon's Unknown doctor, who just might live in Arkansas.

The Unknown Patient also caught up with Rich Dennison, Dr. And Mrs. Bergsagel and an Uknown pal from the US at the dinner. Dr. Bergsagel is one of the most distinguished elder statesman of the myeloma community, having been the first to use melphalan as a treatment for myeloma. Dr. Bergsagel has done so much for the myeloma community. He and his wife had both had a difficult year and it was great to see them on the mend and back in their element.

...Your Unknown correspondent also found Dr. Sundar Jagannath and his family... .

...who were very glad they had ordered the vegetarian meal when they saw the next course. The Unknown Patient, being avid devotee of Star Trek, thought it was Klingon food, but was told it was eel, a spanish delicacy!

Our hosts, Drs. San Miguel (below, left) and Blade(below, right), were on duty all evening making sure everyone was well taken care of.

Who says hem-onc's don't have more fun? The Unknown Patient spied Drs. Barlogie (below, center) and Durie (below, right) sharing a light moment with IMF president Susie Novis (below, left)

After dinner, there was a wonderful troupe of flamenco dancers, who invigorated the somewhat flagging crowd with their music and boundless energy.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm tired. That was it for Sunday, thank goodness! But, oh, no one was looking forward to getting up for the 8:00am scientific session.

Please note that the Unknown Patient is a patient, not a doctor and not a scientist. This summary represents a layman's view of what was said at the conference and should form a basis for raising awareness of issues that could be discussed with a qualified professional. In no way should anything contained in this report be taken as medical advice or form the basis for action without first consulting a qualified medical professional who is familiar with your specific medical situation.