We are international

Sunday morning brought a nice surprise. At the IMF booth, the Unknown Patient met two people from, of all places, the Manhattan Multiple Myeloma Support Group: IMFers Maria Blaslov and Mike Katz. They had both made the trip from New York to attend the workshop and had also been able to attend the The focus of Monday's program was on stem cell transplantation, looking at a number of very important questions about the role of this treatment in myeloma patient care. The Unknown Patient was at almost all of these sessions but he must confess that at the end of the day, there still remained many Unknowns about these questions.

Sunday's sessions and events are listed below. Where coverage is available, you can click on the link to read the Unknown Patient's commentary and view photos/slides.

Please note that the Unknown Patient is a patient, not a doctor and not a scientist. This summary represents a layman's view of what was said at the conference and should form a basis for raising awareness of issues that could be discussed with a qualified professional. In no way should anything contained in this report be taken as medical advice or form the basis for action without first consulting a qualified medical professional who is familiar with your specific medical situation.