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i'm not sure if i'm getting in touch via the right avenue or not, but i wasn't able to locate contact information for graphic art requests.

anyway, my friends and i are part of a cycling team and on our jerseys we are including logos of charities that are important to us. as you might have guessed one of those charities is the international myeloma foundation (i lost my mother to multiple myeloma). to make this happen a vector file of each logo is necessary for the clothing company to create the jersey. do you know how i might get ahold of the IMF logo in a vector format? unfortunately jpeg or any other more common file won't work.

thank you for your time and i hope you had a great new year,

eric johnson

Hello I have request from you . My brother Asgar Alakbarov is KML patient too. Now Him must be done bone morrow transplanation. But this operation isn't made in our country Azerbaijan. And other coutries it's very expensive.Now he is in hospital in Turkey. We don't have state care to make it in other country. Can this fondation help him. I don't know what to do. It's very hard that you couldn't do anything to Your brother to live. Please if you can help us. I hope only these foundations and groups. We wait help. Please help him. He has two little daugters. He is 37.

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