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I am so happy my friend sent this link to me.
My sister Muriel Fulgueras Francisco is suffering from Acute Plasma Myeloma for 2 years that caused her to be out from teaching job.
She is undergoin chemotherapy but still her hematologist doctor told us ,sis might survive if undergo a stem transplant.
We are just government epmloyee here, and cant afford to go for it,,since we spent too much for her medication and done too much loans.
Plase consider my sister as one of your beneficiary from your foundation.
God bless and more power. plase contact me at my email adress,,,marivic_fulgueras@yahoo.com

hi , thanks for being there for me and my older sister.it scared me and my family.when my sister got multple myeloma stage three.she was really sick.she relapsed recently and might be facing another stem cell operation.yet she still has a job and works.she also has a university age daughter who will be graduating soon.i am going to just be there for her.like you all are there for her too.thanks much for websites.like your ' s.i have my own health issues.

Good morning,

I am writing in need of some assistance. My uncle was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He was diagnosed about a year ago and has gone through radiation and chemo recently and appears that it is not working. My uncles family has gone through all there savings and I ran accross this website would you be able to provide a more effective treatment?Please let me know as soon as possbile they reside in San Jose, CA.

Please contact the IMF hotline by phone at 1-800-452-CURE (2873) or by email at hotline@myeloma.org.


After reading the current issue, we're now waiting to see the black T-shirt for the Black Swan program. I'll be happy to buy one as soon as it's available.

Thanks --


Is there a mechanism to recognize multiple myeloma survivors?

I was diagnosed (at the age of 37) with advanced multiple myeloma in March of 2001, and, per the available medical recourse of the time, afforded a promise of comfort and six months to live.

Nearly thirteen years later, following participation in two autologous stem cell transplants; several FDA drug studies; hundreds of thalidomide, revlimid and presently pomalyst cycles; and countless hours various surgical, radiation, chemo and physical therapies… despite half a dozen prognosis that this year or that year would be my last following the discovery of tumors in my skull, jaw, shoulder, ribs, vertebrae, hip and most recently knee – here I am, having just turned fifty, pondering the statistical or medical relevance of my survival.

I would be remiss to suggest I have survived without a vast network of wellcare professionals and local support. Case in point, in early February my community and church plans to host a benefit for my family (I am blessed with four daughters and a wife who have also survived my diagnosis and all of the corresponding emotional, physical, social and financial baggage that it begets.)

I earnestly wish I could help the townsfolk in their celebration and goodwill by defining just how statistically unique our story is. Is there some sort of commemorative letter the IMF might be able to send (I imagine something similar to a centurion receiving accolades from the White House on his or her hundredth birthday) that might earmark the significance of my survival?

I would be happy to assist in any IMF protocol or fact-finding requirements for your association to confirm and be confident in your decision. At its rudimentary level, perhaps you could view a short video I created for one of my oncologists several years ago ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFSDvdZR8mk )

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